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Use free internet service, but be careful or else there may be a big loss, where do you get free internet

In today’s era, the use of public WiFi has become very common and easy. Users use this free WiFi fiercely, but they do not know that using it can also prove to be dangerous for you. While using public WiFi, hackers can steal your phone data, and can misuse it for cybercrime.

Today we will tell you some such tricks using which you can secure your data in public WiFi.

use a VPN
By using a virtual private network (VPN), you can make your data secure in public WiFi. VPN encrypts your data traffic and creates a protected tunnel between the server and the browser, so that cybercrime hackers cannot access your personal data.

Use AntiVirus
Antivirus works as an essential tool in your phone or laptop. Using antivirus makes your device safe and secure. If your device has antivirus, and if hackers do any activity in your device, then you already know about it. Also, Antivirus prevents any kind of virus from entering your device.

verify the network
If you are using public WiFi in any public place, then make sure that your WiFi is verified. To verify, you can verify the WiFi from the relevant authority. Often hackers steal personal data of people by creating fake WiFi. For better security, you can connect to WiFi via IP address.

Use HTTPS website
Whenever you use public WiFi, always keep in mind that any website you are opening must have HTTPS in front of it. By having HTTPS enabled in the web address, your data will be secure and hackers will not be able to steal it.

Free WiFi is available in these places
You get the facility of public WiFi very easily in hotels, shopping malls, railway stations, libraries, airports, buses and other places. Free Wi-Fi facility is available at the railway station. However, this facility is not present at every railway station. Yes but present at most major railway stations.

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