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US soldiers complain about Microsoft HoloLens headsets, but generals say tests are generally going well

It seems that the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset did not like the US military.
According to the information that appeared on the Web, the soldiers testing the headsets complain of various physical problems that complicate the performance of tasks. In particular, we are talking about headaches, nausea and eye fatigue. At the moment, the adoption of the technology by the military remains at a low level.
Moreover, some soldiers even believe that such devices have no place in the army.

Devices would kill us

In this case, the soldier was referring to the light emitted from the headset, which can betray the position of the military to the enemy. True, while the soldiers are complaining, the generals are reporting on generally successful tests.

The results indicate that the program has been successful across most army evaluation criteria. However, the results also highlighted areas where HoloLens has fallen short of expectations and needs more improvements to be addressed by the military.

General Christopher Schneider


Microsoft at one time acquired a number of contracts for the supply of HoloLens to the US Army for tens of billions of dollars. Deliveries, apparently, began in September, so now we are talking only about the first stages of testing.
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