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US Kia EV6 Owners Get 1,000 kWh of Free Charging

South Korean automaker Kia and charging station operator Electrify America have reached a deal where EV6 buyers can get 1,000 kWh of power for free at any Electrify America station in the United States. The offer will be available for three years. Thus, the owners of these electric cars will be able to drive from 5600 to 6400 km for free.

The most advanced EV6 package can reportedly be charged 11 to 13 times for free. At the same time, 350 kW Electrify America charging stations are able to charge the car battery by 80% in just 18 minutes. It is worth noting that Kia and Electrify America offer different conditions for buyers of the Ioniq 5 electric car. Owners of this car will receive an infinite number of 30-minute charges for two years.

Despite all the restrictions presented by Kia and Electrify America, the conditions look quite interesting. Free first thousand kilometers will allow people who are skeptical about a new type of vehicle to reconsider their attitude towards electric vehicles and perhaps even decide in favor of purchasing one of the new Kia models.

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