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US government has been hiding secrets related to UFO, will be exposed soon! Top scientist made big claim

UFOs i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects are becoming a topic of discussion all over the world. The ongoing investigation and debate about UFOs in America has reached the government ‘door’. For the first time in many years, this year members of the US Congress spoke publicly about it. At the same time, the US space agency NASA has also started investigating the cases of UFO and UAP in a scientific manner. Meanwhile, a top scientist in the world has claimed that governments have been hiding suspected UFO visits to Earth for decades. Scientists believe that UFOs come and governments are aware of it.

Daily Star Key Report According to the report, Nobel Prize nominee Professor Gary Nolan said he “knows” that the authorities have done an ‘active cover-up’. His point is towards hiding the cases related to UFO. Gary Nolan is an immunologist at Stanford University School of Medicine. He believes the extraterrestrial secrets of the US government will be widely exposed in new public hearings.

Prof Nolan said that he has spoken to people who are about to come out and can put forward the revelations related to the UFO. He has said that there has been an ‘active cover up’ in such cases. He said the new laws currently proposed would open the way for an open hearing of UFO sightings before the US Congress. Witnesses will also get an opportunity to give evidence in these hearings. The special thing is that the government body has also demanded non-disclosure agreements. Authorities do not want people making UFO claims to talk about it publicly.

Significantly, in June this year, NASA announced that it would investigate cases related to UFOs in a scientific manner. The agency had talked about forming a team, whose focus will be on identifying UFO data, so that they can be used in future. Recently, NASA said that it is serious about investigating the cases of UFOs. The team of experts will be ready in the next few months.

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