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US crypto expert sentenced to prison for helping North Korea

A crypto expert in the US has been sentenced to more than five years in prison for helping South Korea evade US sanctions. Virgil Griffith, identified as a hacker, had pleaded guilty last year. He attended a cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyang three years ago despite the US government not allowing travel.

of Associated Press Report According to Griffith, North Korea cryptocurrency Helped with infrastructure and equipment. At the conference, he advised over 100 people on using cryptocurrencies to avoid sanctions. Among them, people working for the North Korean government are also suspected to be involved. Prosecutors said Griffith admitted that he had given technical information to the conference attendees. The United States and the United Nations Security Council have imposed tough sanctions on South Korea in recent years to curb its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. About four years ago, the US government amended these sanctions and imposed sanctions on American citizens for providing technical assistance to North Korea.

Prosecutors said Griffith was a US citizen who provided services to an enemy foreign power in violation of his country’s sanctions. He knew that the government there was guilty of atrocities on the citizens of North Korea and North Korea has also warned America of nuclear attack.

However, defense attorney Brian Klein described Griffith as a genius scientist. He said that Griffith sees himself as a person working in the interest of peace and will never harm his country. Klein said he was disappointed with Griffith’s 63-month prison sentence, but it made him happy that the judge has accepted Griffith’s promise to move forward with his life positively. Many other countries have also imposed strict sanctions on North Korea. Despite this, North Korea has denied destroying nuclear weapons and it continues to warn of attacks with these weapons.

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