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Urban Company Native M2 Review: Stylish Design & Smart Features and performance

Native M2 Review: Urban Company Native M2 Review: Smart Water Purifier with Excellent Design and Performance

Urban Company has launched two water purifiers, among which the Native M2 is the flagship product. How does it fare against the myriad of existing water purifiers in the market? In this review, we’ll delve into the performance and features of this RO water purifier.

Recently, Urban Company introduced new water purifiers, with the Native M2 RO being its flagship offering. With numerous air purifiers already available in the Indian market, how does Urban Company’s air purifier stack up against its competitors, and what is its performance like? Let’s find out in this review.

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Design-wise, Urban Company has opted for a minimalist approach with the Native M2. The unit comes in a sleek black color variant, featuring a centrally positioned water outlet illuminated by a guiding blue light. This light adds a wonderful touch, making it easy to refill your glass or bottle, even in low light conditions.

The purifier includes a retractable tray for holding bottles or glasses, offering convenience and functionality. Although not overly sturdy, the tray can comfortably accommodate bottles of up to 1-2 liters.

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For filling glasses and bottles, the purifier offers an auto option, allowing one-tap filling for medium-sized glasses and 600-700ml bottles. Additionally, there’s a FreeFlow option for filling larger quantities of water as desired.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to note. Firstly, during a power failure, the purifier’s touch controls become inoperative, rendering it impossible to extract water from the filter. Unlike cheaper models with conventional taps, this purifier lacks a backup option for such situations.

Secondly, the filtration process can be noisy at times, which may prove bothersome.

The Urban Company Native M2 features touch controls with three modes: glass, water, and FreeFlow. The console is backlit, with a ring-shaped LED adding to its aesthetic appeal while serving as a notification light for various functions, such as connectivity status and water tank levels.

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The purifier is IoT-based and connects with Urban Company’s app, providing real-time updates on the life status of various filters, water consumption data, and more.

The highlight of any water purifier is its filtration system, and the Native M2 impresses with a total of six filters, ensuring removal of up to 99.99% impurities from water. The taste of the purified water is notably improved.

In conclusion, the Urban Company Native M2 is an aesthetically pleasing water purifier backed by a two-year warranty, offering peace of mind to customers. However, the lack of water dispensing without electricity and occasional noise during filtration are notable drawbacks.


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