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Ural motorcycles will be delivered to the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia and Japan. They are assembled at a new plant in Kazakhstan

The Russian company Ural Motorcycles has launched the production of Ural motorcycles in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. From there motorcycles will be delivered to the USA, Canada, European Union, Australia, Japan.

Previously, Urals were produced only at the Irbit Motor Plant in the Sverdlovsk Region, where production will continue for the domestic market of Russia and those countries that have remained neutral or friendly, including China. In addition, the Russian enterprise will produce frames and body elements for motorcycles assembled in Kazakhstan.

At the end of 2021, the Ural Motorcycles plant shipped 1,150 motorcycles. This year it was planned to produce about 1,300 motorcycles, of which more than 80% are intended for export. Due to the events in Ukraine, the volume of production has decreased, but the management of the enterprise plans to make up for the losses after the start of assembly in Kazakhstan.

Ural Motorcycles is the only company in the world engaged in serial production of heavy off-road motorcycles with a sidecar. They are equipped with a 749 cc twin-cylinder engine producing 41 hp. with 52 Nm of torque. The motor works with a 5-speed gearbox (four front and one rear).

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