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UPI Scam: Keep these things in mind while making online payment, otherwise you may be robbed

Online payment has made our daily life very easy. Today, through online payment apps, we can transfer money in a few seconds, but due to this the scam has also increased a lot. Integrated Payment Interface for Cashless Transactions and Online Payments UPI is one of the best payment methods and allows us to send and receive money in seconds. But scammers are doing a lot more scams.

At the same time, in the last few years, there have been many cases related to scams with UPI users. And if you also pay through UPI, then you too can be a victim of scam. That’s why today we will tell you some things that you must keep in mind while making UPI or online payment.

Keep these 5 things in mind while making online payment, otherwise you may get scammed

If you also pay online, then you also have to keep in mind what we have told below, otherwise you may be a victim of fraud, so let’s know in details:

Do not share your UPI and its PIN with anyone

Do not share your UPI and PIN with any customer service calls or messages. Because sometimes you may also get calls or messages claiming that your ATM will be closed, for this you ask for UPI and its PIN. That’s why you never have to share your UPI ID and its PIN number with anyone, if you do, your account can be wiped out.

Avoid random payment requests

It has been observed that most of the UPI apps have a spam filter that tracks payment requests from certain UPI IDs. Therefore, if you also get a request for payment from an unknown person, then you do not have to click on the button of Pay. If he does so, then the amount entered by him will be transferred to him.

Use only verified apps

Mobile apps have changed the way we shop and transact. Every time you install an app on your device, make sure you are using a verified app. Whether it is a financial app or a new game app, download only from official Play Stores or App Stores like Google Play Store, Windows App Store, or Apple App Store.

Change your UPI PIN from time to time

You must change your UPI PIN at least once every month. This will keep your account secure and avoid scams.

Avoid clicking on any link received in SMS or email

Scammers also try to dupe users through email or SMS. They send links to users, on which if clicked, money can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Therefore, do not click on any link received in SMS or email, unless it is known whether it is verified or fraudulent.

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