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Up to Rs 83 thousand discount on buying Maruti Suzuki Fronx, offer available only like this

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Buy Maruti Suzuki Fronx with discount offers.Image Credit source: Maruti Suzuki

If you want to buy a new car, you can consider the offers of Maruti Suzuki. The country’s largest car company Fronx SUV will get huge discounts. A discount of up to Rs 83,000 can be availed on purchasing this car in February 2024. Apart from cash discount, Maruti Nexa dealers are offering offers like exchange bonus on this car. Let’s see how you can save big on buying a new SUV.

You can make huge savings on the 2023 and 2024 models of Maruti Front. Cash discount and exchange bonus are being given on the 2023 model. The 2023 and 2024 models can also be purchased with the Velocity Edition kit, which is worth Rs 43,000. Maruti Franks Understand the offers in detail here.

Fronx Velocity Edition Offers

Maruti Suzuki has recently introduced a special Velocity Edition of the FrontX (turbo-petrol). Velocity Edition SUV is available in all three turbo trims Delta+, Zeta and Alpha. Accessories worth Rs 43,000 will be available in it. Red and gray coloring will be available on its bumper, while there is red accent on the ORVMs.

Fronx: Opportunity to save Rs 83 thousand

If you are buying the 2023 model Fronx Turbo, you can get a cash discount of up to Rs 30,000 and an exchange bonus of up to Rs 10,000. If you manage to take advantage of all the offers and benefits, you can save up to Rs 83,000 on Franks. The ex-showroom price of Maruti Front is Rs 7.51-12.87 lakh.

Fronx will sell so much on CNG

A cash discount of Rs 10,000 is available on the 2023 model fronts and 1.2 liter petrol engine. Apart from this, exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 is also available. Only the benefit of exchange bonus is being given on the CNG version.

An exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 will be available on the 2024 Front SUV. This means that the one who buys the 2024 model Fronx will get a benefit of up to Rs 53,000.

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