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Up to 128GB data will be able to store in 4GB memory card, do this work in Smartphone

Today we all use a smartphone and our smartphone does so many things that the problem of storage in the phone is not a new thing. If you are also troubled by the storage of the memory card in your phone, then we have such an amazing trick for you, by which you can increase the storage capacity of your memory card.

Files will not have to be deleted to increase storage

Whenever the memory of our smartphone starts filling up, the phone becomes slow. To solve this problem, it is suggested by almost everyone that delete old photos and other media files from your phone, which will get more storage. Sometimes, even inserting an external memory card doesn’t work. Know today, how you can expand your 2GB memory card to 128GB in a very easy way.

Increase storage capacity of memory card like this

If you want to increase the storage capacity of your memory card, first of all download the ES Explorer app on your smartphone. After downloading this app, open ‘File Manager’, go to ‘Storage Device’ option and then select ‘Memory Card’. After doing this, you will see many folders on the screen, out of which you have to click on ‘Android Data Folder’. Create a new folder in this folder and name it ‘expand’.

go ahead do this

After this click on the folder named ‘ES Not Edit Or’ and as soon as this folder is opened, you will see a blank page on the screen. Edit this blank page and write ‘Make it Large’ on it. On the page where you have written ‘Make it Large’, write ‘Make it Large 131072MB’ in its place and then save it. After that restart your smartphone and then go back to Memory Storage. Here you will see that your storage will have become 124.97GB.

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Keep these things in mind while doing this

When you are going to use this trick, keep some things in mind. Keep in mind that the battery of your smartphone is either 100% or at least more than 50%. Your 4GB or 8GB memory card must be empty and your smartphone must have Android version 5.0 or higher.

In this way, you can get up to 128GB of storage by spending on a memory card of 4GB or 8GB. In this case, you will not have to delete any apps or files to increase the phone’s storage.


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