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Unusual “chips” Android 12, which almost no one talks about

Also changed animation… When locked, it “hides” in the place where the fingerprint scanner or the power button is located.

Widgets have changed a lot too. In addition to the rounded corners they have, the very number of these widgets has changed. There are more of them: for example, there are chat widgets, a lot of clock options have appeared. Also in the settings, you can now enable snoozing notifications, hide silent notifications in the status bar, and save the history of notifications.

Quick settings… They are next to notifications. True, now you need to click or swipe twice if you want to turn on Wi-Fi or adjust the brightness. But what’s interesting: the list of settings can change dynamically. For example, if you have an alarm clock set, it will appear in this window automatically. At the same time, there are now only two icons on the locked screen: switching wallets for payment and smart home (if you wish, you can turn them off in Settings).

As for the actual “Settings”, then the function of auto-rotate the screen with the participation of the camera appeared. There is adaptive charging.

In terms of security there are also a couple of innovations. Now, when using the camera or microphone in the application, you will see an icon at the top signaling this. In addition, in the “shutter” you can turn off the microphone or camera, if necessary. And if you have not used an application for a long time, the system will automatically reset permissions for it (for example, to collect location data). At the same time, when you launch the downloaded application for the first time, you are asked not only to choose whether you agree to transfer information about the location – you can specify whether the exact or approximate location will be indicated.

And a few more “Chips”… The assistant starts after holding down the power button, it became possible to take long screenshots of web pages, quickly share a link using drag and drop, a game panel was added, a quick transition between media applications.

What has changed “Under the hood”? Performance has improved, power consumption has decreased, support for images in avif format has appeared (such pictures take up less space), the Play as you download function (allows you to start games before they are finished downloading). And the most interesting thing is full support for foldable displays (it will most likely appear in early 2022).

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