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Unstable nextgen. Updated GTA V tested on PS5 and XSX

The legendary Grand Theft Auto V survived to the third generation of consoles in its lifetime, having received a special version for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Technical experts at Digital Foundry could not ignore such an event and recorded a separate video where they compared the game on both systems. The results are mixed.

The updated GTA V surprised experts with really fast downloads: fast travel and mission start are almost instantaneous, while the first launch of the game itself requires 20.76 seconds on XSX and 23.18 seconds on PS5. This setting was tested in performance mode, which supports upscaling up to 4K and 60 fps. By the way, the action has some difficulties with the frame rate.

Experts have found that GTA V sometimes allows itself small losses in any mode, and PS5 and XSX have different problem areas. Both consoles handle explosions equally poorly: with ray tracing enabled in performance mode, the performance drops to 40-50 fps. However, DF representatives assure that frame rate problems do not occur often enough to make the gameplay uncomfortable.

Otherwise, the updated GTA V honestly fulfills the declared characteristics. That being said, tech experts noticed a few differences between the PS5 and XSX versions. For example, on the Microsoft console, additional shading under cars is often lost regardless of the mode, but the Sony device is inferior to the competitor as reflections on the same cars.

Recall that the release of an improved version of GTA V on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S took place on March 15. True, Russian users of the console from Sony could not try out the new product – the pre-order money was returned forcibly, and the PS Store was turned off in the region at the beginning of the month.

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