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Unmanned KAMAZ was twice as expensive as usual

According to Vedomosti, the minimum price for an unmanned KAMAZ truck, which is called a highly automated vehicle (VATS), will be about 14.5 million rubles. It will be tested for unmanned cargo transportation on the M11 Moscow – St. Petersburg highway.

Information about this is present in the presentation of the unmanned logistics corridor (BLK) on the M11, which was prepared by the Ministry of Transport. The unmanned KAMAZ of the latest generation K5 (model 54901) will be supplied with a diesel engine, a semitrailer and autonomy class 3+. This means that there is an adaptive cruise control system: it requires the presence of the driver and will not allow him to take his hands off the steering wheel.

The company is ready to ship the first four unmanned vehicles next year. In 2024, KAMAZ will deliver another 30 such unmanned vehicles. From 2025, the company plans to launch vehicles with a new self-driving system that will allow the driver to completely remove their hands from the wheel. The price of such a car will be about 19 million rubles.

It should be noted that at the announced price, an unmanned KAMAZ will cost twice as much as a conventional tractor.


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