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Unmanned excavator with VR control tested in practice

The American non-profit institute SRI International has developed an unusual construction equipment management system. Instead of levers and pedals, the operator manipulates the work machine with a pair of controllers and a virtual reality headset. The authors of the project have already tested their invention in action by releasing a video with the results of the experiment.

The “guinea” was equipped with an electronic module for remote control, a special antenna and a camera system with a full circular view. When non-target objects and people are detected, the excavator instantly stops work and activates a light alarm that requires you to leave the danger zone.

In addition to manipulations with joysticks, the operator can intuitively “dig” with his hand – the technician will repeat his movements, acting with high accuracy. At the same time, the modification does not cancel the possibility of manual control, so if necessary, you can continue working in the traditional way.

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It is not yet known when the original equipment will appear on construction sites – in order to legalize the new technology, developers will need to overcome many legal obstacles.


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