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Unique bank of Lord Ram, account opens after writing ‘Sitaram’ 5 lakh times

Ram Ramapati Bank: Have you heard or seen any such bank where to open an account you have to write Sitaram 5 lakh times. Yes, there is such a bank in the city of Lord Ram. Whose branches are spread not only in the country but also in foreign countries. Let us know what is the specialty of this bank.

The festival of Ram Navami is being celebrated with great pomp throughout the country. Ayodhya is completely illuminated on the occasion of Ram Navami. Actually, this is the first Ram Navami after the consecration of Ram temple. On this special occasion, Tilak of Ramlala was done by the rays of the sun in Ayodhya. But do you know that there is also a unique bank in this city of Lord Ram. The name of this bank is Ram Ramapati Bank. Let us know what is the specialty of this bank.

To open an account in this bank in the city of Lord Ram, you have to write Sitaram 5 lakh times. This bank was established in the year 1970. Here the devotees get a loan in the name of Ram. There are 35000 account holders of this bank. The customers of this bank are spread all over the world. Apart from India, this bank also has account holders in America, Britain, Canada, Nepal, Fiji and UAE.

20,000 crore Sitaram booklets

This bank built in the city of Ram has 20,0000 crore Sitaram booklets which it has received from devotees. This bank has also got the benefit of the consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya. According to the manager of this bank, after Pran Pratistha, the number of visitors to this bank has increased significantly. This bank keeps track of every account. The bank gifts all its account holders a free booklet and red pen. To open an account in this bank, you have to write Sitaram 5 lakh times on the booklet. Only then your account is opened and the passbook is issued. This bank has a total of 136 branches in the country and across the world.

How to get loan

For example, to open an account in this bank one has to write ‘Sitaram’ 5 lakh times. Similarly, there are some conditions for taking loan from this bank. This loan is given by the bank in three different forms. First you have to tell the time limit of the ritual. At the same time, you are given a fixed time to repay the loan. This bank named Ram completely follows the banking system of India. Loan in the name of God is available from this bank in three ways. First is to chant Ram’s name, second is to recite it and third is for writing. You are given 8 months and 10 days to repay the writing loan. In this, 1.25 lakh Ram’s name has to be written.

Transaction of religion, peace and faith, not money.

Let us tell you that here loan is given not in money but in the name of Ram. It has to be written and submitted here within a stipulated time. This unique and wonderful Ram Naam Bank is famous all over the country. Devotees from across the seven seas come here to perform this ritual. In this bank, the main transactions are not money but religion, inner peace and faith. Any devotee who opens an account in this bank transacts these three things and gets immense peace in this. There are some account holders of this bank who have written more than 1 crore booklets to the bank. So there are some devotees who have written Sitaram more than 25 lakh times.


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