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Under the Stand-Up India scheme, the government is giving financial assistance to women entrepreneurs, here are the details of the scheme

Stand-Up India Scheme: The government keeps on coming up with various schemes for women. The purpose of all these schemes is to make women socially and economically empowered. One such scheme is named Stand Up India Scheme. This scheme was started by the Modi government in the year 2016 to help financially special women. With the help of this scheme, the central government gives loans to SC/ST and women entrepreneurs so that they can start their own business and become financially empowered.

On completion of 6 years of the scheme, Union Finance Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted about this from her office Twitter handle and wrote, ‘Stand Up India scheme is helping in women empowerment. Through this scheme, new employment opportunities are being created for SC / ST and women entrepreneurs by giving them loans. It has been 6 years since this scheme was started. It is worth noting that till now a total loan of Rs 30,160 crore has been given by the government to women entrepreneurs.

More than 1 lakh women got the benefit of the scheme
Through this scheme, the government has helped more than 1 lakh women entrepreneurs to start their own business by giving them financial help. On this matter, the Finance Minister said that this scheme is not only making women financially strong but it is also helping in creating new employment opportunities. Through this scheme, financial help is also being given to the women of the deprived section of the society.

These benefits are available from Stand-up India scheme
Under this scheme, the government provides loan facility to people belonging to Scheduled Castes / Tribes and women entrepreneurs between 10 years to 1 crore.
Margin money is also reduced on getting loan under this scheme.
Under this scheme, 7 years are given to repay the loan.
Loans are also given through this scheme for business sector and agriculture related business.

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