Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Uncle sprinkled butter in tea, people got angry and said – What a strange thing he has made.

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tea viral video

There would be nothing wrong if we call today’s era the era of food blogging. Every day experiments are done with some dish or the other. Although it was started during the Corona period so that people could cook good food using the things present in their homes, but now anything is happening in the name of experiment. Now watch this video going viral where a person sprinkles tea with butter.

Desi people and their love for tea is amazing. The taste of tea is the same in any corner of the country. The condition of those who like it is such that people cannot sleep without it. Some people want so much perfection in tea that they want to drink it only from a particular place. This is the reason why every day some video keeps coming out regarding its test. In recent times also a video has surfaced. After seeing this, if you are a tea lover then your anger will reach the sky.

In the viral video you can see that an uncle has prepared tea sitting at a tea stall with great pleasure. To make tea, he puts rose petals and cardamom and ginger in the pan and prepares the tea as if he is preparing it for a king or emperor. When this tea is cooked, then in another vessel, add the Amul butter, almonds and some spices and pour the tea prepared in it. After this this unique tea is served.

This video has been shared on Insta by an account named chatore_brothers. After seeing this, users have given their feedback by commenting on it in various ways. One user said in irritation – Now add the dal fry masala in it. Another user wrote that if you add more cumin tadka, it would have been fun. Please note that this video is from Vicky Tea Stall in Amritsar.

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