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Unbelievable but true: the Core i5-13490F was cheaper than the Core i5-13400F, although it has a higher frequency and more cache

Just yesterday we brought detailed parameters of the Core i5-13490F processor, and today it is seen on sale in China. And in this regard, there is one very interesting point: the Core i5-13490F turned out to be cheaper than the Core i5-13400F!

Since sales started in China (and the Core i5-13490F may not appear in other markets), there are difficulties in determining prices. But if you convert the cost of the Core i5-13490F into US dollars, you get $186. While the official retail price of the Core i5-13400F is $196. At the same time, we recall that the Core i5-13490F has a 200 MHz higher frequency and more L3 cache.

As for the Core i7-13790F, it did not go to retail (available only in the configurators of a number of companies), but judging by indirect signs, the price of this CPU should be at the level of $370. That is, it will correspond to the recommended retail price of the Core i7-13700F.


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