Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Ukrainian opponents of vaccination blocked the highway

The network has information about a rather unusual action by opponents of vaccination. They, in the number of 100 people, blocked the Kiev-Kharkov highway.

It is reported that anti-vaccines are walking along the pedestrian crossing and, at the same time, holding posters and flags, demanding the abolition of the mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. It will be recalled that it was previously introduced in Ukraine for a number of categories of citizens.

According to the participants of the march, the authorities of the country are obliged to respect human rights.

The latest data indicate that the actions of anti-axers have led to the formation of traffic jams on the road with the participation of trucks. At the same time, the owners of cars were more fortunate – for them the police organized a detour of this section of the highway.

Note that right now there is no information whether the initiators of this event will receive any punishment.

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