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Ukraine’s response to Russia’s attack, a flurry of mimes on Twitter, comments made by netizens on the war

New Delhi: Russia has finally invaded Ukraine. Over the past month, the two countries’ armies have been pitted against each other. After all, Russia today President Vladimir Putin He has announced that he is taking military action. On the one hand Russia Is taking military action against Ukraine. At the same time, it is constantly launching cyber attacks to weaken Ukraine. Russia’s attacks Ukraine Not only on the battlefield but also through social media.

Ukraine your official Twitter A photo has been posted from the handle. At first glance this may seem like a kind of meme. However, this post shared by Ukraine has great meaning. In this photo, Adolf Hitler is seen gazing at Vladimir Putin. The way Hitler was responsible for World War II. In the same way, Ukraine is saying in this photo that Putin is responsible for this war. This photo shared by Ukraine is currently going viral on social media.

Earlier, Ukraine had also tweeted in the year 2021. In a tweet dated December 7, 2021, Ukraine compared Russia to a headache. Meanwhile, the war between Ukraine and Russia is being fought not only on the battlefield but also in the world of the Internet. Several reports have claimed that Russia launched a cyber attack on Ukraine. Ukraine has also blamed Russia. Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

Users are sharing many memes on social media about the Russia-Ukraine war.

An attack carried out through software

Dangerous software has been found in hundreds of computers in Ukraine. According to cyber security firm ESTE, a large number of computers were attacked by this software. This data deleting software has been installed on many computers in Ukraine. According to reports, preparations for the attack had been underway for months. Ukraine has also shut down its airspace because of Russia. Ukraine thinks flights to Russia are likely to be targeted.

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