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Ukraine War Tests Tech Giants’ Strength:Many tech companies like Google, Meta, Apple united against Russia; better chance to improve the image

Big tech companies have also jumped in the war that started between Russia and Ukraine. On the one hand, where tech companies are imposing various restrictions on Russia and Russian media. On the other hand, Russia is also continuously attacking tech companies. Many companies including Google, Meta, Twitter, Telegram have targeted Russia. At the same time, all the tech companies have come in support of Ukraine regarding the war.

Ukrainian leaders urged Apple, Meta and Google to shut down their services in Russia. Following which Google and Meta blocked Russian state-run media from selling ads on their platforms. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also spoke with top EU officials about the counter to Russia.

Channel Bans for Spread of Misinformation
: Messaging app Telegram, used extensively in Russia and Ukraine, has threatened to shut down channels largely due to war-related misinformation. Twitter has also said it will label all posts containing links to Russian state-affiliated media outlets. Meta said it would ban the EU access to some of their outlets to stop the propaganda of the war.

Tech companies have a chance to improve the image
The war started between Russia-Ukraine is also a good opportunity for many companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter to improve their image. Especially companies whose image has deteriorated in the last few years. They have a chance to show how they can make better use of their technology in these difficult times, as social media during the Arab Spring in 2011 connected activists and encouraged democracy.

A difficult challenge before the
tech companies is that their one wrong move can prove to be costly. Executives inside many companies are deciding what to do next. If Google, Meta, Twitter and other tech companies take some steps and some don’t, they could be accused of being half-hearted. Yael Eisenstadt of the Berggren Institute in Los Angeles said all companies want their monopoly on the world’s communications.

Blocked Live Location in Google Maps
Google has temporarily disabled some Google Maps tools in Ukraine. These tools used to help in knowing the live traffic conditions and how crowded different places might be. Google, a company of Alphabet Inc. has given information about this. Earlier, Google had blocked Russia’s state-run media institution from earning money on its platform. Hundreds of people have lost their lives as a result of missiles falling on Ukrainian cities, tanks rolling in the streets and heavy fire.

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