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Ukraine said, Russia’s hand behind the cyber attack, is waging ‘hybrid war’

The ongoing tension between Ukraine and Russia has reached a ‘hybrid war’. Ukraine has said Russia was behind the cyber attack on it, which sabotaged its government websites. Ukraine has accused Russia of engaging in a ‘hybrid war’ against its neighbour. According to a news agency, this statement of the Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine came after a warning from Microsoft. Giving information about this cyber attack, Microsoft said that dozens of computer systems of Ukrainian government agencies were infected with malware in the form of ransomware.

Ukraine’s ministry said in its statement, ‘All evidence suggests that Russia is behind the cyber attack. Moscow is waging a hybrid war. He is actively building his army in information and cyber space. The attack comes at a time when Ukraine is under threat of Russian aggression and diplomatic talks to resolve the tense standoff have also stalled.

A blog on Saturday Post Microsoft said on Thursday that it detected malware for the first time on Thursday. This coincides with an attack that simultaneously took down 70 government websites in Ukraine.

Microsoft said its investigative teams had found malware on several dozen systems, and that number could grow. The systems that have been hit by cyber attacks are present in many government, non-profit and information technology organizations in Ukraine. According to Microsoft, it does not know at what level the hackers are attacking. It is also not known how many other organizations have come under its grip.

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US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that American and several private companies were still working to determine the source of the attacks. He said the US had warned about the possibility of a cyber attack from Russia. He is working with Ukraine to improve its security.

It is said that earlier in 2017 also Russia had cyber attack on Ukraine. Ukraine was targeted with the Notepetya virus. This caused a loss of over $10 billion (about Rs 74,150 crore) globally.


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