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Ukraine-Russia War: China sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, America is responsible for all the conflict

Beijing: China said that it is sending food grains and other daily necessities worth 5 million yuan (about $ 7.91 lakh) to Ukraine. However, it has continued to oppose the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia over military action against the Eastern European country. Along with this, China blamed America for the conflict. 

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the first shipment of aid was handed over to Ukraine on Wednesday and another consignment would be sent “as soon as possible”. China is largely backing Russia and Zhao reiterated that Beijing opposes economic sanctions against Moscow.

China and Russia will continue normal business cooperation
, Zhao said in a daily press conference, every time the stick of sanctions will not bring peace and security, but cause serious difficulties to the economy and livelihood of the country concerned. He said that China and Russia will continue normal business cooperation, including oil and gas, in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

‘ US responsible for the conflict 
China said the US should be held responsible for causing the conflict as Washington failed o adequately consider Russia’s “legitimate” security concern over the expansion of NATO.

Let us tell you that after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the US and other countries have imposed many sanctions on Moscow. US President Joe Biden on Tuesday issued an executive order banning the import of crude oil, many petroleum products, liquefied natural gas and coal from Russia. Speaking to reporters at the White House after making this announcement, Biden said, “The Russian economy has gone into a trough. After the war declared by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, the ruble has devalued by about 50 percent and is worth less than a US cent.
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