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Ukraine military is using facial recognition software to identify dead Russian soldiers

According to a recent report, the Ukrainian military is using technology to identify dead Russian soldiers. The company is using pictures of the dead Russian soldier on social media and uploading it to facial recognition software.

They have to identify the software from a database of billions of social media images and then trace the family and friends of the deceased. After that, the country is informing the family that the Russian soldier has been a victim of Putin’s war.

The country is using this strategy to inform Russians with facial recognition. Or at least, to inform those who have limited access to non-state-control media and information. On Wednesday the Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, confirmed the news on his Telegram profile.

Interestingly, a few weeks back, New York-based facial recognition provider Clearview AI started offering its service to Ukraine. Technology targets a single objective.

However, Fedorov has not given much information about the technology in use.

About a month ago, Clearview AI and Facial Recognition came under severe criticism. Its use by the federal government was condemned by United States lawmakers. It was said that the technology disproportionately targets Black, Brown and Asian races. According to him, it’s getting the wrong match more often than white people. In addition, the government points to the potential threat to the existence of this software’s privacy.

While civil rights organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union do not believe the technology would be used in any setting, that calls for outright restrictions.

Thus Clearview’s technology is also being used to reunite refugees with their families, identify Russian spies and expose fake social media posts related to the war.

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