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Ukraine begins to anonymously vaccinate owners of fake COVID certificates against coronavirus

Now every owner of such certificates, who decides to be vaccinated, or those who do not want to advertise it, will be able to come to this office at any time of the day without an appointment and receive the vaccine.

In this case, it is necessary to start medical documentation and sign a permit for vaccination, without which the health worker has no right to give an injection.

“Anyone from the Transcarpathian region who, for certain religious or family reasons, does not want his vaccination data entered into the system, can be vaccinated anonymously. We also provide an opportunity for everyone who has acquired a fake vaccination certificate or has a valid certificate, but actually did not receive vaccinations, to come and get vaccinated anonymously. This can be done under any pseudonym that a person indicates when visiting a medical center. “, – said infectious disease doctor Viktor Petrov, commenting on the situation.

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The decision to vaccinate anonymously was made against the backdrop of an increase in fake certificates after the introduction of compulsory vaccination for workers in the fields of education, culture, civil servants and medical workers.

It is noted that all vaccines approved in Ukraine are available: AstraZeneca, CoronaVac, Pfizer and Moderna.


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