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UIDAI issued new rule related to Aadhaar, address will be updated without document!

Aadhaar Card Latest Update: If you also want to update the address ad in your base card, then this news is of your use. Regarding this, new NAM has been created from the Indian Special Identification Authority ( UIDAI ). Under this no-ium, UIDAI has given facilities to residents that they can update their address in the online Aadhaar card with the consent of their head of family. The statement issued by the UIDAI said that any document showing the relationship with the head of the family can be submitted and the address can be updated online.

You can use these documents
To update the address like this online, you can use ration card, mark-sheet, marriage certificate and passport adi as documents. On these documents, both the head of the mand and the person should have their names and ties. On behalf of UIDAI, if a person does not have any such document, then he has given the cell fid ek leration in the prescribed format on behalf of the head of the family Can also collect.

These people will be helpful, so will this change
According to the statement, with the consent of the head of the family, the facility to update the address online in the base of one’s children, It would be quite helpful for close relatives like wife or parents who do not have collaborative documents in their name. People keep changing cities and towns for various reasons, so this facility will be helpful for millions of people.

New feature different from already released facility
The new feature of updating the address entered in Aadhaar is different from the already issued facility. UIDAI already allows updates based on valid documents of address. It is also said from the UIDAI that anyone of more than 18 years of age can be considered as the head of the family, He can share his address with other family members. Addresses can be updated online by visiting the portal ‘ My base ’. A fee of Rs 50 has been fixed for this. ( input PTI )

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