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U&i Launches Switcher Series 10000mAh 7-in-1 Powerbank With Flash Light

New Delhi: When you buy a smartphone, the most important accessory for you is its charger. Whether your phone is Apple or Android, you always need a powerbank for your home, office, car or travel. In such a situation, it would be good if you have a handy power bank with inbuilt cable. India’s most innovative gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand, U&i has launched Switcher Series 10000mAh 7-in-1 Powerbank with Flashlight, which is a great addition to your smartphone.

A powerbank is a very useful accessory, especially when you travel a lot. The U&i Switcher Series is a powerful power bank that can quickly charge almost any device. With this it charges up to three times faster than a regular smartphone and with this you will not need your wall adapter for 4 days in a row. This powerbank comes with four power cables of three types – Micro USB, Type-C, and Lightning. In short, any Android or Apple smartphone, headphone or Bluetooth speaker can be charged up to 3 times with its help.

The powerbank also comes with an attached USB-A cable that lets you connect it directly to the USB port on a laptop, desktop, or power adapter. Apart from this, the powerbank has a micro USB port, USB Type-C port and power output for its own charging, and two USB Type-A ports for charging two devices simultaneously with a USB cable. So you can charge up to six devices simultaneously. There is also a battery charge indicator that lets you see how much power is left in the internal battery.

Lastly, the U&i Switcher features a built-in flashlight or COB light – 20 micro LEDs on the front of the powerbank that brighten the room.

Also two LEDs at the bottom which act as flashlights. You can use it while working or as an emergency light. Also, if you are going camping outside, it will be of great use to you.

Price and Availability:

The newly launched Switcher series powerbank comes with 1 year warranty at Rs 2999 at all U&i outlets and all leading retail stores across the country.


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