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UFO: 7 UFOs seen in 23 minutes, the pilot lost his senses! Know the whole matter

Aliens and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are topics that are always discussed. UFOs have been spotted all over the world, but their truth has not been known till date. According to a UFO researcher, UFOs are being seen in the sky over the Pacific Ocean for the last two months. According to reports, several pilots have confirmed sightings of UFOs in the air, but no one knows where they came from and where they went. In one incident, the matter of seeing 7 aircraft within 23 minutes has also come to the fore.

of the New York Post Report According to reports, “Ben Henson”, a former FBI agent and host of the Discovery Plus show ‘UFO Witness’, has obtained footage and air traffic control recordings of UFO sightings in the air by pilots. Southwest Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and several other pilots are said to have sighted aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. A former military pilot said he saw several planes flying over him.

A pilot named Mark Halsey is said to have been flying a charter jet off the Los Angeles coast on August 18, when he asked Air Traffic Control over the radio that we had found some planes north of our location. He is walking in a circle. are much higher than us. Any idea what that is. To this the controller replied that it is not sure.

Mark told that he saw 7 such aircraft in 23 minutes, which were flying between 5,000 and 10,000 feet above him. Initially the number of planes seemed to be 3, but then 7 objects appeared. In the Air Traffic Control recording, Mark says that the planes are moving in circles. Mark told the controller that he had done many intercepts, I have never seen anything like this.

At the same time, Ben Hansen says that the pilot who claimed to have seen strange lights was also seen on 15 more commercial flights. It is claimed that at least 6 pilots are ready to tell about this. Keep in mind that whenever a pilot reports a strange sight to the Air Traffic Control, it is documented.

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