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Ubon Speaker Review: Once powered on, it will last for 8 hours, colorful lights will do wonders

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Once started, it will support you for 8 hours, colorful lights will do wonders

Once charged, it will last for 8 hours, colorful lights will do wonders, these speakers can add life to your party. Today we will tell you about Ubon Speaker. The price of these speakers is Rs 799. Well, you are getting good speakers for less than a thousand rupees. But still, if you want to know its details, how long it lasts, how it works and how much it can accompany you in a big party.

So we will tell you every detail of this speaker. We used this speaker for 15 days and once for 24 hours, what happened to this speaker? We will give you every detail about this here.

Ubon Speaker: Features

Ubon SP-46 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which is available at an affordable price. Here let us look at every aspect related to it.

Good Voice: This speaker has an output of 10 watts, which is better than the speakers coming in this price. You are getting good sound quality in this. DJ songs play very well.

Ubon Speaker

Ubon Speaker

battery life

Ubon SP-46 can last for about 10 hours on a single charge, hence it gives a very good battery backup. It takes 1 to 2 hours for full charging. It has a 1200mAh battery.

Ubon Speaker Battery Life

Ubon Speaker Battery Life

We started it in a small room and left it running for a long time. This speaker produces very good sound in a small room. However, if we play it in a big hall, there is a slight difference in its sound and bass.

Ubon Speaker Features

Ubon Speaker Features

portable and durable

The size of these speakers is small and quite light. Because of which it can be easily taken anywhere. It is also water resistant, so even if a few drops of rain fall, there can be no harm.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The speaker can be connected to any device via Bluetooth. By the way, its connection range is also good. When it runs, colorful lights appear in it.

price: Although the original price of Ubon SP-46 is Rs 1999, but now the company is selling it for Rs 799.

Ubon Speaker: buy or not

These speakers are being given a four star rating out of five. These are much better than the speakers available in this range in the market. These can prove to be a good option for listening to songs during kitty parties or travelling. However, the company can improve its bass a bit.

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