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Uber driver stopped at airport for just 3 minutes, fined Rs 3 lakh

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There is a big problem of parking at many places. Space is less and vehicles are innumerable. In such a situation, many times it happens that people park their car anywhere in a hurry and go out for a walk or for their work, but in the process they have to pay for pickup. They get issued a huge challan for parking their car at the wrong place, paying which only makes their condition worse. One such case is much discussed these days. In fact, an Uber driver was surprised when he came to know that he was charged more than 3 thousand pounds for dropping passengers at the airport.

The matter is of Manchester, England. According to a report by the website LadBible, Mark Connor (Mark ConnorOn December 1, an Uber driver named ) took some people from Liverpool to Manchester Airport, where he stopped in the drop off zone. Generally, around 5 pounds is charged from the drivers for stopping here for five minutes, but this Uber driver was charged more money than he would have earned in months.

Charge more than Rs 3 lakh for three minutes

According to reports, at first Mark did not even know that lakhs of rupees had been collected from him, but later when he checked his bank account, he found that for staying at the airport for just three minutes, he was charged 3,132 pounds i.e. about 3 lakh 30 rupees. A fee of thousand rupees was charged. This meant that the place where Mark was staying was the most expensive parking space in the world.

Airport authority has spoiled my mind

Mark told that when he called the airport and explained his problems, he was asked to fill a feedback form, which Mark filled and sent to him. In that form he mentioned the date and time, but when he received an email from the airport authority, he was told that they did not have any record of the transaction. Knowing this, Mark went crazy. Although during this time he had contacted his bank, after which his entire amount was surprisingly returned within a few days, but the matter did not end here but the real game was about to begin.

Refund not received yet

According to Mark, one day when his wife went shopping with his card, she found out that there was no money in her account. Actually, money was deducted from his account again. After this, Mark again complained to Manchester Airport Authority, but his money has not been returned yet. In this matter, a spokesperson for Manchester Airport told Liverpool Echo, ‘We regret the inconvenience caused to this passenger. We are in touch with him and are making arrangements to provide a full refund as soon as possible. Thousands of passengers use our parking services every day and such cases are extremely rare.

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