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Uber booked for 15 minutes, the company sent a bill of Rs 32 lakh! Young man lost his senses, know the whole matter

Cab service provider companies are known for making people travel comfortable. However, sometimes people have to suffer because of these services. An incident has come to light from Britain. There, a 22-year-old man from Manchester was shocked when he was handed a bill of 35,477 British pounds (about Rs 32.39 lakh) in lieu of booking a 15-minute cab. On his way back home from work, a man named Oliver Kaplan had booked a cab like the rest of the day. He put the drop location in a pub in Witchwood, about 15 minutes from the office. Kaplan estimated that he would have to pay around £10.84 for this booking, but Kaplan was blown away after seeing the bill.

of media reports accordingThis incident is related to Uber. The next day after completing the ride, Kaplan received a message from Uber that the bill for his previous night’s ride was around Rs 32 lakh. A trainee chef by profession, Kaplan immediately contacted Uber. Kaplan wanted to know how such a huge amount could be charged for a short ride.

Upon investigation, Uber found that it was due to some technical fault. Actually, Australia also has a drop location with the same name. The same location was set in the system and the bill that Kaplan received was based on thousands of kilometers traveled.

The good thing was that there was not that much money in Kaplan’s account, due to which Uber could not deduct that amount. After this Kaplan got the system generated message. Seeing this, Kaplan’s senses were blown away. However, now the matter has been resolved. However, this is not the only such incident. In the year 2020 also, a British student was mistakenly billed 1,536 pounds (about Rs 1.39 lakh). Even then it happened due to location error. These kinds of incidents bother people. However, this has not happened so far, when a user has to pay such a huge amount for a small ride.

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