Friday, February 23, 2024

UAZ cars will receive environmentally friendly engines «Euro-5», but not immediately

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Photo: UAZ

Yesterday UAZ announced that it will no longer equip its cars with «Euro-0» engines, and today the enterprise told how it will transition to «Euro-5» engines. This process extends for approximately half a year.


,From February 2024, modifications with DVC, meeting the norms “Euro-0”, are not produced at the Ulyanovsk Auto Plant. The upgrade of the ecological class of cars of the entire model line to “Euro-5” will be carried out in a phased manner during the second and third quarters of the current year.», — told at the enterprise.

He added that work is currently being carried out on the calibration of the new electronic control block of the DVC, which will ensure compliance with the requirements of the «Euro-5» standard.

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