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UAZ “Bukhanka” is not localized enough, which is why government agencies need to obtain permission to purchase such cars

State institutions of Russia are faced with the need to coordinate the purchase of UAZ vehicles due to the insufficient level of localization of these vehicles.

The demand for “Loafs” and “Tadpoles” belonging to the SGR line (the old cargo row) among state and municipal institutions is very high, however, they must obtain permission from the specialized division of the Ministry of Industry and Trade through the State Industry Information System (GISP) to purchase such machines. The bottom line is that only Russian equipment with a high level of localization is now allowed for public procurement. To be more precise, according to the methodology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the product must score 3200 points, which are awarded for various components and production processes. And, despite its incredibly advanced age, “Loaf” is gaining only 2879 points.

The car uses an engine control unit and injectors manufactured by Bosch, a BAIC gearbox and a number of less important imported components. True, in any case, the company will have to refuse Bosch products, since it is no longer supplied to Russia, but it will take time, and it is unlikely that the replacement will be Russian-made.

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