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U.S. regulator issues warning of 5G impact on Boeing 737 altimeters

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned about the impact of 5G signals on the radio altimeters of Boeing 737 airliners – this may affect the ability of the aircraft crew to take off or land safely. At the same time, representatives of the FAA stressed that the problem will have little practical impact on airline operations.

Despite the rather loud statement, the same FAA reported that the warning does not actually apply to aircraft in areas recognized as safe for aviation. In particular, we are talking about almost all American airports.

The vast majority of commercial airports in the United States either have special “buffer” zones to prevent the interaction of aviation equipment with a 5G signal, or 5G in their vicinity is not yet available at all. Wednesday’s warning for the Boeing 737 is very similar to those already issued for the Boeing 737 MAX and the 747, 757, 767 and 777, according to the FAA.

However, the directive states that certain systems may not function properly when taking off, landing and maneuvering in the 5G signal coverage area at frequencies of 3.7-3.98 GHz (C-band). The warning applies to 2,400 airliners in the US and 8,300 worldwide. According to a representative of Boeing, the company supports the so-called. “Airworthiness Directive” because it contains instructions similar to those that Boeing introduced in January.

U.S. mobile operators are known to be rolling out next-generation 5G systems that the FAA says could affect sensitive electronics like radio altimeters. The Federal Communications Commission and the National Communications and Information Administration have already pledged to coordinate spectrum allocations once the impact of 5G on aviation becomes known.

Spectrum usage began in January, but only after local mobile operators Verizon Communications and AT&T agreed to delay the introduction of next-generation cell towers near airports.

source: Reuters



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