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U.S. government regulator allows ‘test tube meat’ to be eaten

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued the first approval for the release of lab-grown meat. The agency has declared cultured chicken safe to eat, The Guardian reported.

Permission granted to the Californian company Upside Foods. The FDA added that they are ready to approve the sale of other types of laboratory meat, including seafood grown from cells of marine life.

The world is undergoing a food revolution and the US Food and Drug Administration is committed to supporting innovation in the food supplyFDA Commissioner Robert Kaliff said.

Upside Foods harvests cells from animal tissue and then grows artificial meat in bioreactors. The company said the farmed meat is “identical to natural.”

However, FDA approval is just one of several prerequisites for test-tube meat to hit store shelves. In particular, it is still necessary to obtain permission from the US Department of Agriculture.


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