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Two-Wheelers: Improvement in the sales of two-wheelers, thus increasing the sales figures

Two-Wheelers: There are good signs for the automobile sector in the country at this time and while the demand for four wheelers is increasing rapidly, now the good trend seems to be coming back for the two-wheeler sector as well. Auto sector experts are expecting to see good demand and sales figures for two-wheelers in the second half of this year. Here we will know what could be the main reasons behind these expectations.

economic recovery
Recovery mode is going on in the country’s economy at this time and the data of improvement in many economic data has started coming. A good monsoon is expected to boost incomes in rural areas, especially in the form of growth in two-wheeler sales figures. The sales of two-wheelers are still comparatively high in rural areas and

FADA expressed hope
The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) has recently conducted a survey. In this, more than 50 percent i.e. 50.3 percent of the automobile dealers have expected an increase in sales between the second half of the year i.e. July-December. By the way, let us tell you that since April 2022, sales of 11,94520 two-wheelers have been registered, which is 37.99 percent i.e. 38 percent more than the sales of 8,65,628 two-wheelers in April 2021.

Demand will increase in the coming festive season
The impact of the tradition of buying new vehicles in festivals and the continuous launch of new models of two-wheelers in the country will be seen on the sales of new vehicles. Apart from this, the demand for two-wheelers is also increasing due to the complete opening of school-college-office etc.

Things got worse after 2019 but now the improvement will be seen
In the year 2019 i.e. before the arrival of Corona period, 2.12 crore two-wheelers were sold in the country. However, after this, due to the arrival of Kovid, there was a steady decline. Now in the year 2022, two-wheeler sales are seeing an increase again and on the basis of this, the hopes of seeing the two-wheeler segment again have become stronger.

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