Friday, April 12, 2024
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Two models of AirPods 4, new AirPods Max with USB-C will be released this year, and new AirPods Pro with the latest chip are expected in 2025

According to the latest information, provided by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple plans to release several new models of AirPods later this year.

Gurman previously reported that Apple plans to release two models of the fourth generation AirPods and update the AirPods Max “in late 2024”. On Sunday, 18 February, he confirmed that the plan was “still in the implementation stage”.

Gurman expects the fourth-generation entry-level AirPods to get a new design with an improved fit, improved sound quality, and an updated charging case with a USB-C port. He also expects the appearance of more expensive AirPods fourth generation with active noise suppression and a speaker in the head for charging, which can reproduce sound for tracking location Find My.

According to him, Apple plans to stop the production of AirPods second and third generation after the launch of two models of the fourth generation.

The updated AirPods Max will, as expected, get a USB-C port instead of Lightning for charging and wired sound reproduction, but there will be no other major changes, according to Gurman. He said that the full-size headphones may also be available in new colors.

Gurman expects that new AirPods Pro will be released in 2025 with changes in the design and an “updated chip” to improve sound quality.