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Two ‘friends’ get separated on Mars! Nasa’s helicopter lands forever, Perseverance Rover takes picture

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NASA The Ingenuity helicopter, which played an important role in the Mars mission, was destroyed after a crash landing recently. This quadcopter is now resting on the surface of the Red Planet and will never fly again. A latest picture of Ingenuity has surfaced. The picture has been clicked by the same Perseverance rover, which used to communicate with Ingenuity and monitor its every flight. The left Mastcam-Z instrument mounted on Perseverance captured this picture. Perseverance and Ingenuity worked together on Mars. Now Perseverance has to travel its journey alone.

Report According to , the Ingenuity helicopter also faced problems in its last landing. Last month, on January 18, Ingenuity took off for the 72nd and last time. It was a short vertical flight. During the last flight, the helicopter reached a height of 12 meters and hovered for 4.5 seconds before coming down. According to the report, one meter above the surface of Mars, the helicopter lost contact with the Perseverance rover and it wobbled and fell.

It was the Perseverance rover that established communication with the Ingenuity helicopter. The picture that scientists received after the emergency landing showed that all four blades of Ingenuity were damaged. NASA had sent Ingenuity helicopter for a limited time to fly on Mars. The helicopter had already achieved its target.

Ingenuity landed on Mars in February 2021. On April 19 of the same year, the helicopter took its first flight in the ‘world of aliens’. Whatever data the Perseverance team received from the Ingenuity helicopter, its assessment can be helpful for future Mars missions. It is very difficult for a helicopter to fly on Mars, because the gravity there is one third less than on Earth.

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