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Twitter’s content creators will now receive payments in cryptocurrencies, partnering with Stripe

Twitter has announced that it will allow content creators to be paid in cryptocurrency. The social media platform will now pay the people who create content on it their earnings in digital currency. For this, the company is going to launch pilot payout, for which it has joined hands with online payment giant Stripe. Stripe has given information about this by issuing a statement. In the statement, the platform has said that it will now pay money to its sellers, freelancers and content creators in cryptocurrency.

Stripe has a blog post This information is given through The platform has said that it will initiate payments with USD Coin. That is, initially the creators will be paid in the form of digital token USD coin. USD Coin is the only coin linked to the US dollar which comes in the count of stable coins. Regarding this partnership between Twitter and Stripe, the social media site has said that it will use this service to pay for ticket locations and earnings from Super Followers.

According to the information received, Twitter will first start this service from some creators of Twitter US. Esther Crawford, Product Lead for Creators at Twitter, said, “We are going to focus on creators who are constantly interacting with their followers and earning money and trying to connect with them in new ways. That is, such creators who provide exclusive content to their followers and in return they get money. He further added that with Stripe we are going to start offering crypto payments to creators for which we are very excited. Creators will now have more than one payment option available.

The company said that the Stripe Connect payment system is used to send money in more than 70 countries. The financial technology firm said it would partner with more partners in the future. Will expand the payment system to more countries. In this, from time to time the work of adding other cryptocurrencies will also be done simultaneously.

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