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Twitter Head of Cryptocurrency Steps Down After Elon Musk’s Downsizing

Cryptocurrency Twitter lead Tess Rinearson left the company, tweeting late Thursday evening a greeting and a blue heart emoji as a token of her departure.
Rinearson, whose Twitter profile is now closed, works in Germany in Berlin and, according to her Linkedin and Twitter profiles, has been on Twitter for just over a year. As of this writing, Rinearson has not yet updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect her departure from Twitter.


I am very proud that the Cryptocurrency team has started work on Twitter and I am sad that I will not see it until the end,” Rinearson wrote on Twitter on Friday. “But there are still a lot of brilliant, thoughtful people in the company, and I always I’m rooting for them.


Tess Rinearson, head of cryptocurrencies at Twitter, has left her post following a massive downsizing of the company by its new CEO, Elon Musk. Musk acquired Twitter at the end of October, while the Binance crypto exchange also took part in the transaction, allocating part of the funds to buy the company. However, current events show that support for digital assets on the social platform may come later than planned.
After taking over as CEO, Musk announced that all employees who want to stay in their jobs must commit to a new “extreme hardcore” work culture, that is, work more than the norm. Their consent must be confirmed by clicking on the “Yes” button in the survey form sent to them. Somewhat later, Rinearson’s profile description mentioned that she “did not press the button” (which is most likely a reference to Musk’s new policy).
Elon Musk is considered an adherent of the crypto market and the Dogecoin altcoin – he actively wrote about this on Twitter last year. Previously, many assumed that if the billionaire becomes the head of the company, it will accelerate the processes associated with the development of crypto projects integrated into the social platform. At the same time, Rinearson’s resignation shows that the release from Twitter of something related to the crypt can not be expected in the near future..


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