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Twitter-Facebook employees shared pain on TikTok, vented anger of retrenchment


Twitter And meta ex employee video sharing app TikTok But they are telling the pain of retrenchment. For many employees affected by the layoffs of giant tech companies TIC Toc Pain has become a new means of sharing. In a video, a person claiming to be a former Twitter employee invites users on Tiktok so that people can see whether he has been fired or not. This video has got 80,000 likes and more than 5 lakh views. Look ahead how other employees are venting their anger.

The video mentioned earlier has been shared with the Get Ready With Me line (#GRWM). This is a common line of Tiktok, which is used to invite users to watch videos of makeup, first date or night. The videos shared on Tiktok are comedy or heartwarming. However, one thing common in all the videos is that these employees are challenging the silence and shame that usually accompanies being fired.

Shown the journey of retrenchment on TikTok

Deja Brown, who worked in the marketing team to promote the Facebook service, has also been fired. He posted it on Tiktok within an hour of getting the pink slip. “I was shocked, like I couldn’t believe it came to my inbox,” she said. Brown is sharing her layoff journey on TikTok with her “Day in the Life Post-Layoff” video series.

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we are not alone

Brown says that most of the comments on the post related to the layoffs were emotional. At the same time, some people are seeing how she is doing. Many former employees on TikTok are sharing their experiences, so Brown thinks he’s not alone. Megan Arroyo has also been fired by Meta. Megan says there are 11,000 people like us. In an interview, she says that I am not the only one who is experiencing despair and sadness.

Followers tripled

Megan told that it is risky to do such things online. Referring to some comments, he told in which a user said that you are crying on the internet. If I were the hiring manager, I would never have hired you. At the same time, Jordan Gibbs, who was fired by Lyft Inc., has started a daily vlog to overcome the pain. She says that earlier she had 1,000 followers, whose number has almost tripled.


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