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Twitter Down: Twitter down once again, users around the world have trouble tweeting and viewing

New Delhi: The service of micro blogging and social networking site Twitter has been suspended. Many users have complained about this on social media. According to them, there is a problem in accessing Twitter. Many have said that they are having trouble even viewing tweets. He wrote in the tweet that there is a problem in viewing the tweet. Also #TwitterDown is trending on social media. Twitter has said that this service will be rolled out soon.

Accounts are logged out automatically
While informing about the suspension of Twitter service on social media, users said that an error of over capacity is being seen. Also no tweets are visible. Also there is a problem in tweeting. According to some users, their account is automatically logged out while using Twitter.

Thousands of people have reported Twitter’s service being disrupted, according to the server’s website, DownDetector. Users cannot use Twitter. Users are having trouble logging in to Twitter and tweeting. Meanwhile, Twitter has tweeted that those who have difficulty accessing Twitter. This is being worked on. The service will be launched soon, according to Twitter.

Twitter was jammed twice in February
Earlier, in February 2022, Twitter’s service was down twice a week. Many users were having difficulty using Twitter. According to the users, after opening the app, they are told ‘Something Went Wrong’. The message ‘Try Reloading’ was coming.

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