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Twitter disabled worker takes company to court over remote work ban

A disabled worker of the company has filed a lawsuit against the new owner of micro-blogging site Twitter, Elon Musk, for banning the staff from work from home or remote location and putting more hours in the job. The case, filed on behalf of a disabled worker at Twitter, says the company’s workers with disabilities were forced to resign because they could not meet Musk’s productivity standards.

This legal in the court of San Francisco in America Case The filing’s engineering manager, Dmitry Borodaenko, said Twitter fired him for refusing to report to the office. Borodaenko says Musk’s order to call Twitter workers to office or resign is a violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this act, there is a provision to give reasonable exemption to disabled workers. Borodaenko has said in his complaint that he is at risk of getting corona due to disability. In another case filed in the same court, Twitter is accused of firing thousands of contract workers without giving the company the 60 days’ notice required under federal law.

Queries sent to Twitter remained unanswered. Musk says that the workers removed from the company are being given three months’ severance pay. Elon Musk has grown in the company since buying Twitter shift are doing. Musk has given a new message to the staff of Twitter. He has asked the workers to decide whether they want to work for more hours in the company or resign by taking three months’ severance pay.

It is written in this link that confirm that ‘you want to be a part of the new Twitter’. Workers who do not click this link will be considered as resignation from the company. “Thank you for your efforts to make Twitter a success, whatever you decide,” the message said. Musk has told in the message that hard work will have to be done to make Twitter 2.0 successful amidst fast growing competition.

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