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Twitter cannot remove all Blue Ticks at once, because of this the company was forced


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Twitter Blue Tick: Twitter had decided to remove the legacy blue tick on 1 April. However, all the blue ticks found in the old way have not been removed yet. Learn here why the company is not able to remove all the blue ticks at once.


Twitter had chosen the day of April 1 to remove the old blue ticks. The company had announced that without buying a Twitter Blue subscription, the legacy blue tick That is, the blue checkmark found in the old way will be removed. Despite this order, all the legacy blue ticks have not been removed yet. Now you must be thinking that what is the compulsion of the microblogging platform which has not been able to remove all the blue ticks yet. But the answer to this might probably surprise you.

Actually, Twitter does not have such technology which can remove blue tick from 4.2 lakh verified accounts in one go. According to the Washington Post report, the company does not have the technology to remove blue ticks rapidly. For the time being, manual process will be better to do this work on a large scale. In such a situation, those who have old blue tick are expected to get relief for a short time.

This is how blue tick gets removed

It has been revealed in this report that the work of removing the verification mark is done through a manual process. There is also a danger of breaking the system by which this work is done. This system works like an excel spreadsheet in which the verification data is stored. Actually, before now the company has not needed to remove blue ticks on a large scale.

Will get time before removing blue tick

From April 1, Elon Musk had made a tweet on the matter of removing the blue tick. Musk said that users will be given a few weeks time before removing the blue tick. Even after this, if they do not pay, then we will remove their blue tick. Although Musk has deleted this tweet. There is also a risk of damage to the site by making such a big change in Twitter at one go.

The dangers of removing all blue ticks at once

Removing the blue ticks of millions of verified users can have a negative impact on Twitter’s website. Mass changes can also break features such as recommendation algorithms, spam filters, and help center requests. Explain that Musk had given a deadline of April 1 to remove the blue tick, but so far only the blue tick of The New York Times has been removed.


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