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Twitter bids farewell, Elon Musk changes website address

Elon Musk changed the web address of X.

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter (now X), he has made many major changes. This microblogging platform is famous all over the world. Crores of people use it. X is a great source for real-time information. Recently, Musk has once again made a major change in Twitter i.e. The URL of its website has changed. Now is seen written instead of This shows that Musk has almost completely retreated from Twitter.

world popular social media The style of the website of one of the platforms, X (earlier Twitter), has changed slightly. Now instead of “” “” is seen written in its URL. However, this change is being done gradually. Therefore, many users may still see “” written. The company has also given information about this on its website.

What did the company say on the change in X?

After removing Twitter from its website address, X has now shifted to According to X’s website, the company said that we want to tell you that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings will remain the same as before. Apart from this, a link to view the privacy policy has also been given on X’s website.

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New web address of X. (X)

How will changing the URL affect you?

The URL of Twitter (now X) changed by Elon Musk will not have any effect on you. You can use X as before. The changed URL will have no effect on running X, posting, or taking advantage of its features. Because the change has been made only in the address of the website. Keep in mind that if you go to “” it will automatically transfer to “”.

Elon Musk Post

New web address will be visible in X post. (X)

This change will happen in your post

Changing the URL of x will not cause any problem in running it. But when you post something, the URL of that post will change. In the image above, you can see a post by Elon Musk. The URL of this post has changed from “” to “”. Now “” will be included in the URL of everyone’s post.


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