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Twitter became second telegram! Users are posting full movies

It seems that all is not well in Twitter. After buying Twitter by Elon Musk, this platform is facing criticism for its decisions. We have read reports of attempts to defraud several users in the name of account verification and $8 payments. Now it has come to know that this platform is also breaking the copyright rules made by itself. As per information, Twitter users have started posting complete movies on this social media platform as part of their series of tweets.

Daily Mail’s Report According to, recently a Twitter account uploaded the film ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ on Twitter. Twitter user, (@anally_retended) uploaded the entire film by inserting 2-2 minute videos in a series of 50 tweets. Apart from this, many more films have also been posted, including ‘Hackers’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Kamen Rider Heisei’ and ‘Need for Speed’. . Of these, ‘Need for Speed’ was posted from (@NFSpeedMovie). Although this account has now been suspended, but interestingly, this account was posted this month only to share the film. The user shared the entire film in 66 tweets.

Gadgets360 Hindi made an account named @NFSpeedMovie investigation But it is known that the account has been suspended now, but many users have seen the full movie on Twitter and are thanking the user. One user wrote that we want the entire film in one post with better quality. Many people disliked the idea of ​​posting films. He wrote that who would like to see the film in 66 parts.

These incidents unfolding on Twitter have also disappointed many users. One user wrote that Twitter’s copyright detection system is ‘not working anymore’. It is worth noting that Twitter usually has an automated copyright enforcement system. It removes unauthorized content. However, going by the current events, it seems that the system is not working properly.

This may possibly happen due to the resignation of employees in Twitter. Since the arrival of Elon Musk, there have been a large number of layoffs, due to which the employees are working under a lot of pressure.

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