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Twitter account will never be hacked, follow these easy tips

Twitter Safety Tips:  Nowadays, many such cases are being seen on Twitter in which hackers target accounts with more users and then start posting casually, even sending messages to people and from there money. Even though this matter is not so serious but still you need to be safe. If you have thousands of followers connected to your account who listen to your words, then you need to be safe because your account can be hacked at any time. If you do not want your account to be hacked, then today we are going to tell you some very easy tips to avoid this, which will definitely work for you.

Login from your phone

Sometimes you should use your own smartphone to login to your account, in fact, many times your account is left open in another phone, which can be misused by anyone, for this it is not necessary that you can access it from your phone itself. Login. It is safest to do so. 

keep internet connection safe 

If your internet connection is not secure then you should not open your account in it, if you want to do this then there is a lot of possibility that the account may not be hacked somewhere. There have been many such cases when people’s accounts get hacked due to lack of secure internet connection. 

Do not share password with anyone 

You should not share your account details with any person, no matter how close he is, if you do this then your account can be hacked and you can also get into trouble. 

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