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Twitch Bans Cute Bear L Emoji

Streamer organization FaZe under the name kalei said that on the Twitch platform, the emoji with the image of a teddy bear showing the “L” gesture has been removed. This gesture is used in Western culture to call the interlocutor a loser, it is often used by e-sportsmen.

In the letter that kalei received, the representatives of the service simply confront her with the fact that such an emoji can be used for harassment, insults and abuse, which is why it was removed. And in the comments, users are already sadly joking that soon there will be no emoticons on Twitch.

Twitch Bans Cute Bear Emoji Showing Obscene Gesture
Another case

At the same time, details about whether kalei will be able to return the emoticon are not indicated. It is also unclear why this particular image was considered offensive.

Previously in Russia fined and other companies for refusing to localize user data from the Russian Federation. The streaming platform was fined 2 million rubles.

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