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TV addiction

More than anything else, the present generation – ‘children inclusive’; has been tremendously addicted to television. Out of 24 valuable hours — on an average, one spends around four to five hours in front of TV. Of course, there are many good programmes to be watched out, but there are still more bad shows too. Analysts have time & again warned regarding the negative aspect of prolonged viewing of television. But who cares? We, more often believe in our impact urge & easy going life, but always forget the long-term effects.

 Those who spend more time in computers & cell phones; if addicted to TV too, perhaps they will the greatest losers both in physical & psychological life. Apart from the slow- poison rays, that affect the body system, the stress on mind is also quite high. On top of this it affects the behavioural pattern too. Recently an Indo- US study finds that, surrogate tobacco advertisements in TV, lure the Indian youths          (10 to 14 years old) to take-up smoking & drinking. There is no doubt that after taking- up, it becomes a habit later. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes a drastic no return point.

The companies, who advertise in TV, to sell their products, usually rope in big film & sports personalities, who are the idol of common people & thereby introducing the young minds to attract towards their produces. They also try to tap the youngest population by miragely connecting the use of these products with qualities like glamour, energy, vigour, strength & sex appeal.

Various studies conducted on the implications of erratic TV viewing, show that it has serious implications on more than 50 % of the viewers & it has still more negative impact on the young people aged below 25 years in India. The problem being in our country, that we blindly follow that comes in TV, without thinking of its future implications. So before it swallow–up our body & mind, let us fix our priorities of watching the TV in terms of quality, quantity & impact on us. There are good programmes, which can improve the meaning of life. So why not we opt for the good programmes instead of  those programmes which dictate us?

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