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Turkey began to produce tanks without a main component

Turkish company BMC Savunma A.Ş. began mass production of the Altay main battle tank. At the same time, specialists do not have a suitable engine for the car.

The first Altay was created at the plant in Arifiye. It is reported that there are currently no results on the submitted applications for an export license for the production of a power plant for the tank. The Turks are working on the supply of engines from other countries and the creation of a domestic power plant.

As for the first Altay produced, it most likely received a German engine. He managed to get more imposition of sanctions by Berlin. A total of five prototypes were produced.

It is noted that the issue with the engine is still not resolved. BMC Savunma A.Ş. in the performance characteristics section, it is only indicated that the tank is equipped with an electrically controlled 12-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 1500 hp.

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